Photo and Captions Assignment

On Friday, March 24, Eagle Dining Services hosted the Get Fit For The Health Of It Festival from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of Dining Commons. Students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to taste and learn about sustainable, healthy food choices, while interacting with local, Bulloch County businesses.

Vendors of local businesses such as Sugar Magnolia Bakery, B&G Honey, and Plum Broke Pops were just a few of the vendors that were a part of the festival. The event also included booths from The Center for Sustainability, Health Services, Recreation Activity Center (RAC) and more, consisting of interactive games, workouts, or even questionnaires for students, faculty, and staff to participate in.

The Get Fit For The Health Of It Festival was part of the Eagle Dining Services’ Fuel Forward Program, which took place in the month of March, also known as National Nutrition Month. This program consisted of weekly food topics such as hydration, proteins, carbs, and recovery.

At the beginning of the Get Fit For The Health Of It festival, junior graphic design major Macie Giordano tries a piece of homemade olive bread from Sugar Magnolia Bakery associate Bryan Rice. Giordano asks about the bread options at Sugar Magnolia Bakery and if they serve any gluten-free products, since she was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. “We are growing our menu list of gluten and dairy-free products at the moment,” responded Rice, who is part of management who decided which new items should be added to the menu.

Friday’s Get Fit For The Health Of It festival vendor, B&G Honey, leads senior film major Jasmine Breathett to ask about how their honey can help with her allergies. “A teaspoon of honey includes antioxidants that kill germs in the body, making your allergies die off quicker,” explains B&G Honey representative.

As the event progresses throughout the day, yoga instructor Alexis McGhee performs a mini yoga class for attendees of the festival, that includes beginner-level positions. “This event is not only about healthy food options, but also how to stay healthy physically,” said McGhee.

Senior nutrition majors Adrienne Cowden, left, and Heather Ziccarelli, right, prepare nutritious peanut butter and jelly muffins, along with organically-made fruit smoothies. “These are some healthy snacks that students can easily incorporate into their everyday diet,” said Cowden.

Before leaving the Get Fit For The Health Of It festival, junior accounting major Quinton Johns fills out a survey of questions asking about his experience at the festival. “I really enjoyed the way it was all set-up. All of the booths and vendors were so nice and the food was excellent,” said Johns.


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