A7- Final Project

The entire Statesboro community was welcomed in participating in the 35th annual ArtsFest. The event brought the Statesboro community together to enjoy good food, great company, and some amazing art work. The event took place at Sweetheart Circle on Georgia Southern University’s campus, offering an assortment of art activities for kids, local businesses selling their hand-made designs, and live entertainment for the community to enjoy.

The ArtsFest is an opportunity to bring diversity and culture to the Statesboro area, by promoting local artists and incorporating fun ways for people of all ages to participate in the visual learning of art.

Kimberly Sharpe, the ArtsFest Coordinator, explains the importance of the event and how it’s success keeps getting better every year.

“ArtsFest is an art educational program for kids to come out and try all different types of art to bridge the Statesboro community and Georgia Southern,” said Sharpe.

Along with pop-up booths of art activities such as clay pottery, dart painting, and tie-dying, local business around the Statesboro community came out for this event as a way to publicize their businesses. Emily Shoup, intern at the Teal House; Statesboro Regional Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy Center, explained how the ArtsFest is one of the most beneficial events for the center’s business.

“We just love coming to the ArtsFest because it is great public relations for us. We’ve had our organization since 2006 and have had families explain to us how beneficial our business and what great work we do for the Statesboro community,” said Shoup.

The ArtsFest is currently in the process of discussing a plan to expand the community involvement through potential partnerships with Bulloch County Schools that will be willing to offer opportunities to introduce students to a college-level art experience.

Jewelry designer Adelia Rogers, pictured right, places a handcrafted necklace onto Anna Davis, pictured left, at the 30th annual ArtsFest on Saturday. Sugar Pearl Designs was one of the many vendors that participated in Saturday’s event. The company is based out of the Sugar Sand Beaches of the Emerald Coast creating handmade jewelry using freshwater pearls. (Photo by Crislyn Petzoldt.)

Linda Cooke, pictured left, and Cindy Castleberry, pictured right, from Liberty County flip through printed artwork at Saturday’s ArtsFest. Both Cooke and Castleberry were in Statesboro for the weekend for a work conference. “I collect art for a hobby and I just had to leave my conference early to come check out the ArtsFest,” said Cooke. (Photo by Crislyn Petzoldt.)

Hannah Bernstein, pictured left, Jon Red, pictured middle, and Tyler Wagner, picture right, perform a synchronized melody during Saturday’s ArtsFest. The three music majors are part of the Georgia Southern University’s Clarinet Ensemble. “Performing is not really scary, it’s more fun for us than anything,” said Bryan. (Photo by Crislyn Petzoldt).

Statesboro High School senior Isabel Gant, enjoys getting a temporary tattoo at the Statesboro Bulloch Parks and Recreation booth at Saturday’s ArtsFest. The ArtsFest is a free, family-friendly event that is geared towards the Statesboro community. “I’ve been going to the ArtsFest since I was really little, and my family enjoys coming every year,” said Gant. (Photo by Crislyn Petzoldt).


Young boy of Statesboro gets his face painted at the Averitt Center’s booth at Saturday’s ArtsFest. Kids of all ages were able to get their face painted by volunteers who have an art background. Each art shop that participates in the ArtsFest incorporates fun activities for attendees with no additional cost. (Photo by Crislyn Petzoldt).

Statesboro High School senior Lucas Valva participates in the Statesboro Bulloch Parks and Recreation’s booth by decorating a bag that is used to hold other art work that is made during Saturday’s ArtsFest. Each art shop is to be of use, whether it’s to explain the science of watercolor painting, history of pottery, or simply creating a ‘take-home’ bag to stuff with creative treasures. “The ArtsFest isn’t just for younger kids who like to do crafts, it’s really for every age,” said Valva. (Photo by Crislyn Petzoldt)


Statesboro residents enjoy Saturday’s ArtsFest by learning the proper hand and body positions of easel painting. The Statesboro Bulloch Park and Recreation take a huge part in the ArtsFest, including over 100 volunteers of all ages.  (Photo by Crislyn Petzoldt).


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