Does it really matter who the writer of the blog is? I mean, all you really want to know is the information provided? Yeah, that’s probably true, but it’s actually kind of cool to know that I am always in the know of health…pretty health-obsessed if you ask me. Also known as a Hypochondriac by my mother and friends. I kid you not, I’ll wake up and see a red dot on my face, think it could be some sort of skin cancer, and then I find myself googling everything I need to know about skin cancer. Call me crazy or call me informed?

My name is Crislyn Petzoldt and I am currently a senior PR major at Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!). I was born and raised in Tampa, FL and cannot wait to be back in the Sunshine State after graduation…yes I am so ready to go back to highs of 91 and lows of 87 year-round.

I have a lot of interests, probably more than the average person does. I just can’t help my free-spirited mind! I love to read, run, drink coffee, travel, and of course watch rom-coms all day on Sunday (I have a schedule I write out which movies I want to watch, no joke).

My plan after college is still up in the air. My mom always tells me to just say something, anything, so people won’t think your scatter-brained and have no drive. Can’t help it, I just am intrigued by so many different things it’s sometimes overwhelming. Let’s just end this with “I hope to work in PR or Marketing, living in a place where I can wear sandals year-round and I can ride my beach cruiser to work!”

I hope you like this blog 🙂